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The largest tour operator in the state of Karnataka is the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC). The facilities and services provided by KSTDC makes the journey of its travelers very comfortable. The various services provided by KSTDC are hotels, restaurants at outlandish locations with the addition of Taxi service for travelling within the state and also moving to and fro from airport. The taxis operated by KSTDC are equipped with the latest technology like GPS, GPRS and bill printing machines. These services help in tracking the location of the taxi and bill can also be generated for passengers at end of their journey. The services provided by KSTDC are ranked as one of the best tourist service providers not only in the state but also in the country. They also provide services like best locations, hotels and other facilities to its travelers. The travelers to the state of Karnataka prefer to travel through taxis operated by KSTDC.

Call Number: 080 - 4466 4466


City Taxi: Fares and Payment Procedures

  • Flag down fare (first 4 kms): Rs. 78
  • Every subsequent kilometer: Rs. 19.50
  • Waiting charges: No charge for the first 20 minutes
  • Waiting charge for next every 15 minutes or part thereof: Rs. 15

Passengers must make their payment at the end of their journey and collect a printed electronic receipt. Payment can be made through cash. Rates are charged based on the distance traveled.

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