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Attractions in Karnataka

Places to See in Bangalore

Bull Temple

Nandi Temple, which is also Bhoganadisara Temple, popularly known as Bull Temple in Bangalore is a sculptural masterpiece carved out of a single granite stone. Nandiswara is the not only the carrier of Lord Shiva, but an important companion and protector of the Lord according to Hindu Mythology. This famous temple is situated south of Bull Temple road on a hill called Bungle Hill, where the Bull sculpture of 4.6 meter height and 6 meter width is positioned, which gives a spectacular appearance to the onlooker. Bull temple is an important place to visit in the itinerary of a Bangalore tour.

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

Since it was full of red roses when it was completed by Hyder Ali, the son of Tipu Sulan, this beautiful Garden in Bangalore came to be known as Lalbagh and it is one of the star attractions in the city of Bangalore. This botanical wonder is spread over 96 hectares of space in the heart of the city, has rich variety of flower species. It was commissioned in the year 1760, as a private retreat by Tipu Sultan and his son Hyder Ali to be a garden in line with the Mughal Gardens of Delhi. Lalbagh is composed of collection of rare trees and the famous Lalbagh rock is said to be 3000 million years old. A glass house has also been installed here as an imitation of the Crystal Palace in London. This famous park also hosts bi-annual flower shows, marking the occasion of India’s Independence Day on August 15 and Republic day on 26th January, one week before these occasions every year.

Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace is the representation of Windsor Castle of London in India, with the Tudor and Scottish Gothic style of architecture, wonderful granite turrets, beautiful towers and battlements. This area of 430 acres of Bangalore Palace was acquired from Reverend J Garret by Chamarajedra Wodeyar in the year 1873. The Reverend, the earlier owner was a School Principal with Bangalore Central High School. Visiting Bangalore Palace should be an important item in the itinerary of Bangalore tours.

Places to See in Mysore

Somnathpur Temple

Hoysala architecture is well expressed in the Chennakesava Temple situated at Somnathapura, which is in a 35 km distance from Mysore main city. This temple, which is also referred as Kesava or Kshava temple, was raised by a Dandanayak (Commander) called Soma in the year 1268 CE when King NarasimhaII  Hoysala kingdom was having his reign in South India. The Keshava temple is well taken care of by India’s Archeological Survey department and the Hoysala architecture is well preserved here.

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace is an important and massive monumental edifice of Mysore, which was called Amba Vilas Palace and where the Royal family of Wodeyars was living for nearly seven centuries, as the Princely State of Mysore was having its rule. The Palace is an expansive two storey building, housing two large Durbar Halls which are famous for their size and architectural supremacy.

Mysore Palace is held within the old fort and Wodeyar Kings constructed their palace here first in 14th century, was reworked and reconstructed many times. The present Palace had its construction begun in 1897 and the work was going on for about 15 years to be completed in 1912. It was further expanded in 1940.

Mysore Palace is a renowned spot of tourist attraction in India, standing next to Taj Mahal in that respect and there are about 2.7 million visitors every year. Tourists are permitted to enter and go round the large sections of the Palace, but they are not permitted to take photographs. Admission fee is 40 INR for domestic tourists and 200 INR for foreign tourists.

The art collections and paintings exhibited in the Palace are the ones which attract every tourist to visit the palace, apart from its grandeur and wide spaces where Elephants used to march during festival times making every visitor awestruck.

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